TOMMS – 3D Tunnel Simulator

In tunnel structures, just as in other sectors of transportation, critical unforeseeable events that require an immediate reaction may occur.

This is why Eltodo has developed the TOMMS tunnel simulator.

It is a simulator of the tunnel control system, including the simulation of non-standard situations in a virtual 3D tunnel, using virtual reality tools.

The aim of the TOMMS project was the creation of a centre to train tunnel operators and to check their reaction ability in non-standard and extraordinary situations. Such situations may include, for example, traffic accidents, fires, presence of a person in the tunnel or risks connected with disruptions of technological equipment operation or outages in its power supply. In such events the operator has to ensure that the tunnel is brought to its working state or, if an extraordinary event occurs, to foresee that certain equipment will be unavailable.

The reason for the creation of such a centre is to maintain permanently the qualifications of the operators even after the tunnel’s comprehensive tests are complete, when the full practical testing of the operator’s knowledge is no longer possible without expensive closures and fire tests.

The TOMMS tunnel simulators allow for the simulation of traffic and equipment in absolutely the same design as the tunnel structure itself. Then the operators will directly use the knowledge from their training sessions in the full operation. The feedback to the steps taken by traffic operators and equipment operators is possible through a 3D video supervision simulator, which provides a view into the simulated scene of the tunnel by virtual cameras.

The trainer may activate a sequence of extraordinary events and technological equipment failures, to which the operator under training has to react. The trainer is allowed to move freely through the simulated 3D model in order to be fully kept informed of the consequences of activities of the operator under training.